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January 2014

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 2014 E. Yay, N. Martínez Madrid, "An adaptive driving system regarding energy-efficiency and safety", AITA – Workshop on Ambient Intelligence for Telemedicine and Automotive read more..


 2015  E. Yay , L.M. Soria Morillo , N. Martínez Madrid and J.A. Ortega Ramírez , "Drive assistant combined with EEG data applied to aggressive driving perception", ARC read more..


 2019 W. D. Scherz, R. Seepold, N. Martínez Madrid, P. Crippa, G. Biagetti, L. Falaschetti, and C. Turchetti, "Activity monitoring and phase detection using a portable EMG/ECG system," vol. 55 read more..

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