EMBC Workshop Telemedicine and Telemonitoring in AAL Home Environments

Telemedicine and Telemonitoring in AAL Home Environments

EMBC Workshop 2019 in Berlin

Berlin, July 2019. Information and communication technologies support telemedicine to lower health access barriers and to provide better health care. While the potential in Active Assisted Living (AAL) is increasing, it is difficult to evaluate its benefits for the user, and it requires coordinated actions to launch it.

EMBC 2019 

M. Gaiduk, N, Martínez Madrid and R. Seepold 

The European Commission's action plan 2012–2020 provides a roadmap to patient empowerment and healthcare, to link up devices and technologies, and to invest in research towards the personalized medicine of the future. As a quickly developing area in medicine, telemonitoring is a demanding field in research and development. Telemonitoring is an essential component of personalized medicine, where health providers can obtain precise information on outcare or chronic patients to improve diagnosis and therapy and also help healthy persons with prevention support. Telemonitoring combines mobile and wearable devices with the personal AAL home environment, a private or (partly) supervised home, most often called 'smart home'. The focus of this workshop is on new hardware and software solutions specifically designed to be applicable in AAL environments to empower patients. This workshop presents system-oriented solutions covering wearable and AAL-embedded devices, computer science infrastructure both at the users' and the medical premises, to handle the data and decision support systems to support diagnose and treatment.


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