Textile Sensor Platform

Challenges in smart and wearable sensor design for mobile health

Granada, April 2018. A textile sensor platform developed in the IoT Laboratory of Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid and the rapid prototyping platform WearIT have been presented at the IWBBIO 2018 conference in Granada. This work is in line with two more results presented: the Textile Sensor Platform and a review on health systems monitoring a patients sleep behavior with the help of a bed or Cushion.

The last work is a result of a successful cooperation between Prof. M. Conti and Prof. S. Orcioni (Università Politecnica delle Marche), Prof. R. Seepold (HTWG Konstanz) and Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid (Reutlingen).


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Prof. Dr. Ortega, Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid, M. Gaiduk, Prof. Dr. Seepold


WearIT - A Rapid Prototyping Platform for Wearables

Rapid Prototyping Platforms reduce development time by allowing quick prototyping of a prototype idea and achieve more time for actual application development with user interfaces. This approach has long been followed in technical platforms, such as the Arduino. To transfer this form of prototyping to wearables (WearIT) is presented. WearIT consists of four components as a wearable prototyping platform: (1) a vest, (2) sensor and actuator shields, (3) its own library and (4) a motherboard consisting of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, a board and a GPS module. As a result, a wearable prototype can be quickly developed by attaching sensor and actuator shields to the WearIT vest. These sensor and actuator shields can then be programmed through the WearIT library. Via Virtual Network Computing (VNC) with a remote computer, the screen contents of the Raspberry Pi can be accessed and the Arduino be programmed.

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Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid showing the WearIT


Textile Sensor Platform (TSP) - Development of a Textile Real-Time Electrocardiogram

Being able to monitor the heart activity of patients during their daily life in a reliable, comfortable and affordable way is one main goal of the personalized medicine. Current wearable solutions lack either on the wearing comfort, the quality and type of the data provided or the price of the device. This paper shows the development of a Textile Sensor Platform (TSP) in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG)-measuring T-shirt that is able to transmit the ECG signal to a smartphone.


 IMG 0393

Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid demonstrating the ECG in the TSP development


A Review of Health Monitoring Systems Using Sensors on Bed or Cushion

How technology can answer the challenge that currently population ageing is facing to the healthcare system? In this work, systems and devices related to “smart” bed and cushion, that are commercially available or matter of research works, are reviewed.


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