Stress in Driving

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Nicosia, April 2016. In the last decades, several driving systems were developed to improve the driving behavior in energy-efficiency or safety. However, these driving systems cover either the area of energy-efficiency or safety. Furthermore, they do not consider the stress level of the driver when showing a recommendation, although stress can lead to an unsafe or inefficient driving behavior.



Prof. Dr. Natividad Martínez Madrid at MEDICON 2016

The presented driving system at MEDICON 2016 tries to educate the driver in safe and energy-efficient driving by showing recommendations to the driver while also considering the stress level of the driver and the individual driving behavior. The consideration of the driver stress level allows the driving system to avoid to  stress the driver further by showing recommendations when the driver is for example in a stressful driving situation. Furthermore, the adaptation of the driving system to the individual driving behavior allows to show adequate recommendations to the driver in order to increase for example the user acceptance of the driving system, as the driving system does not bother the driver by showing recommendations that are not necessary in the sense of the driver.

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