Internet of Things Lectures

Challenges and Experiences

Nicosia, March-April 2016.

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be omnipresent in our current world. Whether in smart homes, in connected cars, in smart factories or health technologies, many developments are related to IoT. But what is actually the Internet of Things and what is new about it?

Cyprus Lecure

Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid giving a series of lecture sessions to the students

This lecture will present an introduction to the Internet of Things and its interpretation in different application domains. It will show the evolution of embedded systems towards the Internet of Things as well as the future expectations. A review of the most relevant hardware, software and network technologies in the field will be offered, including also data analytics and cloud solutions for IoT. Some practical experiences and initiatives in the different application domains will be highlighted. The lecture will close with a discussion on the current challenges of the Internet of Things.

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