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Define a clear perspective and identify the main challenges

Ancona, Octiober 2015. Future-oriented living scenarios have to take into account several technological and non-technological drivers. During the last decades many technological advancements have been achieved, documented and some of them are pushed until into a pre-market status.   

WISES Presentation 2015

Prof. Dr. Martínez Madrid showing results from working group

Due to the demographic change, more professional customizers and advanced non-professional (private) users are searching for support related to smart living spaces or individual support. It became obvious that no stakeholder can serve customers’ needs in a holistic way while respecting realistic budget limitations. The presented work is an intermediate result of a study group working over several years with the overall objective trying to define a clear perspective and identify the main challenging questions in the domain of ‘interfaces’ and ‘requirements’ between all members in the market of smart home and living.


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