IoT - Challenges and experiences

Spectra Solution Days 2015 on Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0

Reutlingen, September 2015. Internet of Things is becoming a crucial part of the technological and business strategies of many companies. Specially small and medium enterprises need a lot of information regarding requirements, capabilities and experiences in the Internet of Things, as well as its challenges and solution approaches. The company Spectra organized a seminar for user companies, technology providers and researcher to discuss the role of the Internet of Things in the new Industrie 4.0.  


Prof. Natividad Martínez held the introductory keynote to the seminar with the title "Internet of Things - Challenges and Experiences". Further external speakers presented the IoT strategy from Intel, the IoT connectivity solution from NEXCOM and the use of Bluemix from IBM as a Cloud solution for IoT. The company Spectra provided several presentations and live demos on their IoT automation concept. 


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