Internet of Things technologies for Master students

Internet of Things: Concepts and technologies

Seville, May 18, 2016. The term 'Internet of Things' (IoT) belongs to the hypes in web technology nowadays. Even though, there are several levels to be achieved before the IoT is in place and can be used. Prof. Martínez Madrid explains to the Master students at the Universidad de Sevilla participating in the course Development of Web Applications ('Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Web'). Special emphasis has been put on explaining the origen, the stages and the evolution of this technology and the required conditions over time. Prof. Ortega (U Seville) has oragnized this session as part of the 'Máster Universitario en Ingeniería y Tecnología del Software' at the end of the lecture time before the students enter the exam period. 

Emre Yay obtained PhD degree from the University of Seville

Title of the dissertation: An adaptive and rule based driving system for energy-efficient and safe driving behaviour

Seville, May 17, 2016. Emre Yay (Reutlingen University) successfully defended his international dissertation at the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain). Emre has been member of the IoT Lab of the School of Informatics from 2012 until 2015. This has been the first cooperative PhD thesis between the Univesity of Seville and Reutligen University and it has been supervised by Prof. Juan Antonio Ortega and Prof. Natividad Martínez. The work has obtained the highest possible mark (Excellent cum laude). The PhD furthermore fullfills the criteria to obtain the European PhD label of the University of Seville as it has been developed in two EU countries and defended in front of an international tribunal.  

Doctorate Course on IoT

Internet of Things: Putting new technilogies in relationship to well known research domains

Seville, May 2016. The cooperation between the University of Seville and Reutlingen has a very long tradition. Researchers have made longer stays at both institutions in order to enrich their own expertise and pass their experience to younger doctorate students. As an element of this tradition, today’s session forms part of this activity. Prof. Natividad Martínez contributes a session on Internet of Things. The session has been initiated and introduced by Prof. Juan Antonio Ortega head of the research group in Seville. 

Stress in Driving

Systems Medicine for the Delivery of Better Healthcare Services

Nicosia, April 2016. In the last decades, several driving systems were developed to improve the driving behavior in energy-efficiency or safety. However, these driving systems cover either the area of energy-efficiency or safety. Furthermore, they do not consider the stress level of the driver when showing a recommendation, although stress can lead to an unsafe or inefficient driving behavior.

Internet of Things Lectures

Challenges and Experiences

Nicosia, March-April 2016.

The Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be omnipresent in our current world. Whether in smart homes, in connected cars, in smart factories or health technologies, many developments are related to IoT. But what is actually the Internet of Things and what is new about it?

Experimental sleep phases monitoring

Developing a simplified system for home monitoring

Las Vegas, Feburary 2016. Sleep is an important part of our life, since we spend, on average, one third of it sleeping. Studies have shown that essential health functions like memory consolidation, organ repair and growth occur almost completely during sleep. To evaluate the quality of a person´s sleep it is necessary to identify the sleep stages and their durations.   

An initiative for home and living spaces

Define a clear perspective and identify the main challenges

Ancona, Octiober 2015. Future-oriented living scenarios have to take into account several technological and non-technological drivers. During the last decades many technological advancements have been achieved, documented and some of them are pushed until into a pre-market status.   

IoT - Challenges and experiences

Spectra Solution Days 2015 on Internet of Things and Industrie 4.0

Reutlingen, September 2015. Internet of Things is becoming a crucial part of the technological and business strategies of many companies. Specially small and medium enterprises need a lot of information regarding requirements, capabilities and experiences in the Internet of Things, as well as its challenges and solution approaches. The company Spectra organized a seminar for user companies, technology providers and researcher to discuss the role of the Internet of Things in the new Industrie 4.0.  

Personalized body-area network design

Supporting preventive medicine and health care

Ancona, September 2015. The symptoms and causes for different health problems reflect on several vital signals, like for example the heart rate and its variability, breathing, skin temperature and conductance, movement patterns, etc. and can be detected through biomedical sensors. The integration of such sensors together with a communication interface is known as a body-area network (BAN). 

Energy-efficiency and safety relevant driving

Evaluation of an energy-efficiency and safety relevant driving system on a driving simulator

June 2015. An energy-efficiency and safety relevant driving system was developed that tries to improve the driving behavior in terms of energy-efficiency and safety by showing recommendations to the driver. During the evaluation, the influence of the driving system on the energy-efficiency and safety of the driving behavior will be measured on a driving simulator.  

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