IoT: Transforming the world into an open air museum through Learnscapes (BSc, MSc)

Scientists are working everywhere, but scientific knowledge is still not widespread amongst people, and only limited to museums and specific events. With Learnscapes, we want to transform the territory into an open air museum, closing gap between science and people.

It will be possible through a platform (both web and app) that allows tourists, students or general public to access accurate scientific knowledge that explain fascinating aspects of the place they are visiting or plan to visit, in this way, the visited place will acquire a higher value. Learnscapes will benefit people, science and territory.

For example, if a scientist is working on climate changes along geological history in the rocks near the town centre, he can publish in our platform an abstract about it, illustrated and easy to understand. When a tourist will pass by the rock outcrop where the scientist has been doing the research an alert will appear on its phone. After visualizing it, he will be able to “like” it, comment it and share it in the social media. He will also be suggested where he could go after so that he will discover other places. Moreover, he could access to the “credits”, with the information related to the authors, institutions, funders and sponsors of the research. He can create a profile to save the places that he visited and the places he wants to visit. 





  • Develop a functioning prototype where the database of learnscapes can be implemented and visualized in mobile phones and computers. It can be an app for Android or a responsive website that can be opened in the phone. 


The work is co-supervised by Dr. Ana Lucía from the Center for Applied Geosciences, Tübingen University .