IoT Master Project

The student projects developed in the IoT Master Project focus on the integration of colaborative and networked devices into intelligent environment (Ambient Intelligence).

The ubiquity of Internet as communication platform has boosted the mobility of colaborative and distributed systems and has brought them closer to the peaople and their environment. Whether embedded sensors, smartphones, tablets or even cars: people can cooperate anytime and collect, process, manage and use big amounts of data. Besides the ubiquitous and mobile technologies, contents play an important role in the IoT Master Project: for example electrocardiogram signals from biometric devices, video streams for multimedia networks, electronic health records in hospital information systems, machine learning over sensor data or the protection of data privacy.

Application areas in the project are (among others)

  • eHealth, telemonitoring
  • Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
  • Telematic and driving assistance systems in vehicles
  • middleware and systems for distributed services 

drive simulator image