Analysis of biometric parameters to detect relationships between stress and sleep quality

Analysis of biometric parameters to detect relationships between stress and sleep quality (AnBiPa) - Workshop Ancona, November 2016. The cooperation between Università Politecnica delle Marche, Reutlingen University and HTWG Konstanz launched the workshop…

Biomedical Engineering on Portable Devices

Technologies to detect and analyze emotions with the help of sensor networks at BioPD 2016 - Workshop Bratislava, September 2016. The cooperation between Slovak University of Technology, Reutlingen University and HTWG Konstanz launched the first workshop on…

Smart Home zuhause in Baden-Württemberg

Gründung von Smart Home & Living Baden-Württemberg e.V. Stuttgart, July 20, 2016. Am 20.07.2016 wurde der Verein Smart Home & Living Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart gegründet, mit dem Ziel die Digitalisierung im Wohn- und Pflegebereich im Land weiter…

Internet of Things technologies for Master students

Internet of Things: Concepts and technologies Seville, May 18, 2016. The term 'Internet of Things' (IoT) belongs to the hypes in web technology nowadays. Even though, there are several levels to be achieved before the IoT is in place and can be used. Prof.…

Emre Yay obtained PhD degree from the University of Seville

Title of the dissertation: An adaptive and rule based driving system for…

Doctorate Course on IoT

Internet of Things: Putting new technilogies in relationship to well known research…

Stress in Driving

Systems Medicine for the Delivery of Better Healthcare Services Nicosia, April 2016.…

Internet of Things Lectures

Challenges and Experiences Nicosia, March-April 2016. The Internet of Things (IoT)…

Experimental sleep phases monitoring

Developing a simplified system for home monitoring Las Vegas, Feburary 2016. Sleep…

An initiative for home and living spaces

Define a clear perspective and identify the main challenges Ancona, Octiober 2015.…

Holter ECG recordings based on Dynamic Cluster Analysis

Unsupervised dynamic clustering analysis methodology June 2015. At the IDT…

Clothing cycle assistant system

”eKlarA” - A clothing cycle assistant system supporting functionally impaired people…


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